Coober Pedy Australia Attractions

Coober Pedy, Australia


Many people didn’t hear of Coober Pedy including some Australians. However, this unique town deep in South Australia offers its visitors one of the best experiences. You will enjoy the colourful and vast landscapes, amazing culture and unique wildlife. It is not an easy place to reach. But those who try and put the effort in are going to be rewarded.

Here are the top 5 attraction you should visit in Coober Pedy.

1. Enjoy the view on the flight:

You have two choices; two hour flight or a nine hour journey by car from Adelaide. Effort is inevitable to get to Coober Pedy. However, you are going to see some of the most stunning landscape. Some people said that they were literally glued to the window all the way.
You will take a lot of pictures. There are places where the land becomes amazingly flat and deep red; that is where people take most of the pictures.

2. The vast colourful landscapes:

The simplest thing like driving on the roads just outside of town is an outstanding experience. You will find the bitumen stops and the gravel. The gravel is the way you should take to see the huge open flat plains. With deep reds, oranges and an incredible panoramic view, these plains are classified as unique features of Coober Pedy.

3. Underground hotels:

Coober Pedy is in the centre of Australia. That is why it is weather is pretty hot during summer. The locals have made a clever way to live in such hot weather by living underground. The Comfort Inn Experience Coober Pedy was built in an old mine and it is a great experience to try to live there. The weather there is cool as if it’s an air conditioning. You will have your best nights of sleep there.

4. The cute joeys:

Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage are two places helping orphaned joeys to start their lives. They do a great work.
They open their doors to visitors twice a day and it is great experience to see such an iconic animal.

5. The opal fields:

if you decided to visit the opal fields, you will have the nicest time ever. The opals fields are like the surface of the moon. Some areas are flat; others are full of hills and holes. The holes are from the miners who have drilled a hole and sucked the rock out the ground. Some areas are great in pictures so take a camera with you.

• The Conclusion:

Along with China or Cambodia, Australia is a great tourist destination. However, it is not so popular. Cobber Pedy is just an example of how this country is full of surprises. Go there and enjoy your time.