Journey to the Hawaii Island and the Black Sand Beach

Hawaii Island and the Black Sand Beach

Hawaii Island is one of the most popular islands in the world and largest island in the American state of Hawaii. Hawaii Island is more commonly known as the Big Island in order to avoid confusion with the name of the state. It belongs to the chain of Volcanic Islands, which are also suitable for the human population. More than 19% of Hawaiian population resides inside the Hawaii Island. Millions of people from all over the world visit the tourist’s destinations.  …

Coober Pedy Australia Attractions

Coober Pedy, Australia


Many people didn’t hear of Coober Pedy including some Australians. However, this unique town deep in South Australia offers its visitors one of the best experiences. You will enjoy the colourful and vast landscapes, amazing culture and unique wildlife. It is not an easy place to reach. But those who try and put the effort in are going to be rewarded.

Here are the top 5 attraction you should visit in Coober Pedy. …