Sichuan China: 4 Incredible Facts

Sichuan China Facts

Sichuan is one of the most interesting tourist destinations for tourists. Its natural beauty, incredible mountains, and vast plains show great history and culture.

Before visiting Sichuan, here are the top 5 facts you should know about it. These facts are sponsored by our friends at Right Now Cleaning and Restoration ( who travel to China in their off season from carpet cleaning and water damage and fire restoration work in Montana.

1. Sichuan’s Size Is Larger than Big Countries:


Sichuan Province has a total area of 485,000 km². It is larger than Germany. In 2010, its population was about 80 millions. With such size in a country like china, you should expect to see a lot of tourist attractions.

The biggest city in Sichuan’s province is Chengdu. It has a population of 12 million people. Its rank is the 7th in size among the Chinese city.
The New Century Global Centre located in Chengdu is the largest place by floor area in the whole world.

2. Chengdu Has a Great History:

The city’s history is about 3,000 years old. Its civilization began when the Sanxingdui people. The state of Qin was able to conquer the state of Shu in 316. You will find some of the most unique and impressive archaeological sites there showing this great history such as the Qin Dujiangyan project locataed near Chengdu.

Also, you have to visit the Sanxingdui Museum. It was discovered in 1986 in Sichuan. Its age is about 3000 years old and it contains the oldest life size human statue ever discovered and other bronze treasures.
The Jinsha Museum is also unique and has some impressive collections.

The Qin built the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project in 256 BC to protect the city from the Min River floods. It is still used up till now so it’s one of the greatest engineering works ever built. In addition to that, its natural scenery is amazing.

3. Sichuan Nature:

In the west of Sichuan, you will find a mountainous plateau. In the north and southeast of the city, you will find mountains.
The ones in the north are the tallest and most beautiful. All the mountains are surrounding the Tibetan Plateau too.

In the northern area, you will find Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong which are national park areas. You need to be well-prepared for high-altitude sickness before going there. Just stay in one of the high valley towns for several days and you will be ready for the visit.

4. The Tibetan Culture:

The northwestern mountain areas are inhabited by the Tibetan People. The Large Tibetan Empire was once there and the place still has its unique Tibetan culture. You will enjoy the atmosphere and experience the Tibetan lifestyle.

It is an incredible area. Once you visit it, you will want to visit it over and over again to discover more about this unique Chinese place with its unique culture. Plan your visit now and I guarantee that it is going to be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Also, travel to Cambodia to other interesting places and activities.