A Memorable Journey to the Amazon Rainforest

A Memorable Journey to the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest on Earth spanning over a lot of countries. A
major portion of the forest is in Brazil while it also extends in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador,
Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana. It comprises over half of the
Earths forest land while the biodiversity of the region is also distinct. There are almost
16,000 species of trees here with an estimated 390 Billion individual trees. There is a
diverse biodiversity tract of animals and insects as well in the Amazon Rainforest. It is a
major tourist attraction with millions of people from all over the world visiting annually.
Amazon River passing through the forest is another major tourist attraction.
The forest is vast and filled with numerous surprises. There are hundreds of
adventurous activities, which the visitors can take on and entertain themselves. We
were traveling through Brazil and staying in Rio de Janeiro for the last few weeks. We
were planning to travel to the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River. However, in
order to enjoy the in-depth touring experience, we wanted to spend a few days
traveling through the forest for which we needed training. The survival training is
conducted by various agencies and we spent a few days in one of the training agencies.

Reaching Manaus and Departing for Amazon Rainforest

We reached Manaus city and booked a hotel. We wanted to be completely prepared for
our expedition in the Amazon forest so we went to the local market and bought various
clothes, shoes, food etc. Manaus is the capital of the Amazonas state and considered to
be a major departing point to the forest. There is another interesting tourist destination
east to the city, where the River Negro meets the River Solimoes, giving rise to a
phenomenon called the “Meeting of the waters”. We also went to visit this place before
starting our journey to the forest. We came back to our hotel at night and had a good
night sleep.

Journeying to Rainforest and witnessing the marvelous natural creatures

On the next day, we got up early and started our journey towards the forest. We
wanted to spend the entire day in the forest and come back to our hotel at night. We
were trying the gauge the mood of the forest before deciding to spend a night camping
at some place. On the first day, we wandered inside the amazon rainforest and took
pictures of the marvelous creatures running around the forest. There is a completely
new world spread here, which is quite different from the modern world we live in. We
came across beautiful and colorful macaws, which became the highlight of our day.
There were numerous poisonous frogs in the forest but we were fully prepared to keep
ourselves safe.
We also came across river otters in various Amazonian lakes and waterways. Watching
them play and the hunt was a delight to the human eye. There are numerous lakes here
where the tourists can also go boating and watch the river at a different angle.
We spend more than a week enjoying the life of the Jungle and putting ourselves at the
mercy of nature. This trip proved to be unlike any other and when we were leaving, we
were thinking of coming back here as soon as possible.